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Moon Lake

Woman in violete

Red kite

Woman in dark blue dress

She found the yellow rose

Yellow rose

A red rose for a lady

Lighten night

Imaginary objects and place

3D Sculpture

Dancing sculptures

Two newborn birds


Orchids at night

Blue orchids

Reddish blond woman

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Marina on the beach 3rd version.

Marina on the beach (derivative from 3rd version)

Red moon behind the tree

Woman with yellow-green dress

Two Dancing Men

Woman in front of the window 2nd version

Canoe Trip

Canoe trip 2nd version

House below the tree

Woman Portrait

Margarites in the base

Helen with Red Hair

Imaginary Landscape

Village Trip


Three Flying Women

Woman with blowing hair

Portrait of Magdalena Wozniak-melissourgak

Imaginary Woman Face with Bright Shadows

Anna’s Dog in the coutryside

Shark’s pool

Imaginary woman with glazings

Magdalena in Red (version 5)

Magdalena in Red (version 4)

Sailor is coming or leaving home

Woman in Red with a Butterfly


Land Watch

A walk in the garden

Woman with her child to church

Red Boat in the Lake

Blue Lake in Moonlight (version 1)

Giota Chrysochou

Timothy with Green Cat

Sea Boat to Ski

Woman and Bird in Ping

Three Crosses around the Lake

Self Portrait

Trees near the sea

Water Stream From Ice Mountains

Portrait of Mr. Nicos Timotheou

Woman preparing

Woman in Red

Kamal Mohamed


Aynur Işıktaş

Blue Lake in Moonlight

Couple by the lake

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